We want to help make joining and navigating around a circuit easier, less scary and above all safer for everyone, that’s why we developed the ApproNAVIGATOR suite of aviation apps. ApproNAVIGATOR apps are the only apps available on the market today that are designed to help you plan and visualise your approach and join to a circuit by creating a simple, easy to read diagram highlighting your join type, join track, circuit direction and the leg headings.

sTUDENT PILOT learnING to fly

Unknown airport with Cessna 152 circling overhead, identify yourself...​ 

As you’ll have realised by now or soon will with your first flights to new airfields, things in the cockpit can get pretty tense. With your head already busy with flying the aircraft, talking to ATC, keeping a good look-out or even simply locating the airfield on the ground, you then have the added challenge of getting to grips with the join and circuit you need to make at your rapidly approaching airfield. You are, of course, expected to do all this whilst simultaneously giving your Flying Instructor an Oscar-winning performance of a student who’s calm and in complete control. Difficult isn’t it?

Available on either your iPhone or iPad, you can use the apps during your pre-flight planning to plan your approach and join to any UK airfield. The apps serve as an excellent quick reference tool giving you extra confidence and reassurance when planning for your land away!

​​ApproBASE and ApproNAV offer you help in the form of:

  • Intuitive Input System - both apps feature intuitive rules-based data input systems making it easy for you to enter your desired approach, circuit and join details in an efficient manner.

  • Animation - simple and dynamically created animation gives you an incredibly clear illustration of the approach path, join and circuit that you have planned for.

Additional features with ApproNAV include:

  • Automatic Rotation – this feature automatically orientates the circuit diagram according to your planned approach track towards the airfield, helping you to visualise and interpret your planned join into the circuit more easily.

  • Pilot Notepad - a basic notepad facility, which allows you to add any free-hand drawing and notes you want to your circuit diagram in support of your pre-flight planning preparations.

    Night Mode - provides a  dynamic user interface that is capable of altering significantly to protect your night vision vision in low light conditions.

  • Ground School - a light hearted and humorous question and answer module comprising randomised, multiple choice questions to help pilots with their understanding of airfield joins. When complete, the app presents the user with a final score and awards either a pass (hopefully!) or fail.

What can we say about this most demanding of pursuits? When we look back on our student days we’re filled with a mixture of emotions. We fondly remember the exhilaration of taking control of an aircraft for the first time, the adrenaline-fuelled panic when we made (and thankfully survived) our very first landing, the utter astonishment that we managed to stay awake long enough to learn aviation law (we could go on and on). You have all these joys to look forward to!