• Single Screen Input - both apps feature intuitive rules-based data input systems making it easy for pilots to enter their desired approach, circuit and join details in an efficient manner, but ApproNAV does it all on a single screen.
  • Automatic diagram rotation - an incredibly useful feature automatically orientates the circuit diagram according to your planned approach track towards the airfield, helping you to visualise the airfield’s runway on the ground and interpret your join into the circuit more easily during pre-flight planning.
  • Pilot Notepad - a notepad facility, which enables you to add any free-hand drawing or notes you want to any circuit diagram you have created to further support you in your pre-flight planning.
  • Night Mode - changes the colours used on your iPad screen to preserve your night vision when flying at night or in low light conditions.

Picture the scene, you’re heading towards an unfamiliar airfield, you need to locate the airfield on the ground and then safely and confidently join the circuit before performing a text-book landing to the applause of the assembled masses outside the café at the airfield.  Whilst we don’t doubt your ability to pull off all of the above, what would you say to a simple app which could help make locating your airfield and then safely joining and navigating around your join and circuit a little easier?  We will have to leave the text-book landing to you!

  • Ground School- a light hearted and humorous question and answer module comprising randomised, multiple choice questions to help pilots with their understanding of airfield joins. When complete, the app presents the user with a final score and awards either a pass (hopefully!) or fail.

About now you’re doubtless protesting that you don’t need an app to help you fly. We have to admit, we totally agree!  As an experienced pilot you don’t need it, but then you probably don’t need a lot of the apps on your smart phone or tablet, but you still use them to make your life easier, fun and possibly even a little safer.  

ApproNAVIGATOR comprises two apps, namely ApproBASE for your iPhone and ApproNAV for your iPad.  Both apps provide a simple, easy to use tool which enables you to quickly produce a beautifully clear and dynamically generated accurate graphical representation of the approach, join and circuit you need to navigate at your chosen airfield.

Whilst ApproBASE offers basic functionality, ApproNAV offers you additional features, including:

We’ve designed ApproNAVIGATOR not because we think you need it, but because we know it will give you a helping hand on the ground and help make your flights a little easier and a little safer (and, if nothing else it’ll give you something new to play with at those times when boredom strikes!). ApproNAVIGATOR are a unique set of apps that helps you visualise your approach and circuit by creating a simple, easy to read animated diagram highlighting your approach, join type, join track, circuit direction and the headings you need to take for each leg of your circuit. 

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate...​ 

private pilot reassuring & safe

We know you’re a confident, safe pilot who’s completed many hours of safe, trouble-free flying. If only more pilots were like you, the skies would be a safer place. As pilots ourselves, we know how wonderful flying can be, but also how challenging it can be at times.  We want to use today’s technology to give pilots simple tools which can help make their flying experience easier, more enjoyable and ultimately safer.