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Instructors are knowledgeable, patient and above all, they are fearless. The Flying Instructor takes to the skies with student pilots, often risking life and limb to create the safe, competent pilots of tomorrow. We applaud their bravery (especially when we think back to our own student days!). We know they have an incredibly difficult job, especially when faced with those students who struggle with even the basics of flying - you know the ones, they nod their head enthusiastically at the instructor's countless explanations, but the abject fear in their eyes suggests not much of what the instructor has said really made much sense.  As student pilots, we remember being overwhelmed and often completely confused by circuits and airfield joins. Picturing in our minds the circuit we needed to fly at our chosen airfield could be really challenging and somewhat daunting - that’s why we developed ApproNAVIGATOR.

ApproNAVIGATOR apps are the perfect tool to aid any student’s understanding of this tricky area of flying. Using an iPhone or iPad, these apps allow an instructor and his or her student to quickly produce a beautifully clear diagram of a circuit showing all basic information (including circuit direction, levels, circuit leg headings, join types and join tracks) needed to diligently plan for a join to any UK airfield.  The apps can be used as a valuable training aid on the ground as part of pre-flight planning. The diagrams created are so clear and easy to understand that they can also be used in the cockpit as a quick reference tool.  

Both ApproBASE and ApproNAV offer:  

  • Intuitive Input System - Both apps feature intuitive rules-based data input systems making it easy for pilots to enter the desired approach, circuit and join details.

  • Animation - dynamically created animations that give the student a clear step-by-step guide to plan and visualise their an approach, join and the circuit they will need to follow on arrival at their chosen airfield. Instructors have the ability to play and pause the animation allowing them the opportunity to explain procedures and to clarify any misunderstandings that may arise.

Flight Instructor patient & fearless

ApproNAV offers the instructor further functionality, including:

  • Automatic Rotation - this feature automatically orientates the circuit diagram according to the aircraft’s planned approach track, helping the student to visualise and interpret their join into the required circuit.

  • Night Mode - changes the colours used on the iPad screen to preserve night vision when flying at night or in low light conditions.

  • Pilot Notepad - a notepad facility, which allows the user to add any free-hand drawing and notes to the circuit diagram. This feature enables the instructor to provide further insight and explanation to help the student's understanding.

  • Ground School - a light hearted and humorous question and answer module comprising randomised, multiple choice questions to help pilots with their understanding of airfield joins. When complete, the app presents the user with a final score and awards either a pass (hopefully!) or fail.

Pilot Pad

The way I see it, you can either work for a living or you can fly aeroplanes.  Me, I'd rather fly...​