Of course on a simulator, we get all this without the potentially horrifying consequences when we make a mistake and, best of all, we can pause to go for a toilet break at any point!  Whether you are a student pilot getting in extra flying practise or fly on a simulator for the sheer fun of it, we have an app which will help enhance your flight experience and hopefully maybe even help make you a better, safer pilot by thoroughly planning your joins well in advance of taking flight.

Flight simulators, are in a word “amazing”. They offer everyone,of all ages, the chance to experience the thrill of flying at any time, from anywhere and all without clogging up our beautiful skies. As pilots ourselves we have compared simulators to actual flight and we were astounded at how life-like the experience was. We felt the same feeling of exhilaration as we took to our virtual sky followed by the same feeling of exhilaration as we attempted to touch down on our chosen runway.

Flight Simmer aviator's toolkit

Used by experienced pilots across the world, our apps are unique in the marketplace today. ApproNAVIGATOR comprises two apps, ApproBASE for iPhone and ApproNAV for your iPad. ApproNAVIGATOR apps use cutting-edge mobile technology to produce beautifully clear, animated diagrams showing the planned join and circuit for any UK airfield. By entering the join and circuit parameters into the simple and intuitive interface, the app dynamically generates an accurate diagram and animation showing the planned approach track, join track, circuit direction and headings for each leg of your circuit. Pilots have told us that the simple diagrams act as an excellent reference tool, helping them to visualise a planned join and circuit! Used in conjunction with a simulator, these apps will undoubtedly assist flight simmers in the same way for each and every vfr flight they complete.

Whilst ApproBASE offers basic functionality, for those pilots who demand more advanced features, ApproNAV for the iPad additionally provides:

  • Stunning Animations - guides pilots through approach, join and each leg of the circuit.

  • Automatic Rotation - a dynamic display which automatically orientates the planned circuit diagram according to the chosen heading, helping pilots to visualise the airfield’s runway and interpret the join into the circuit more easily.

  • Ground School - a light hearted and humorous question and answer module comprising randomised, multiple choice questions to help pilots with their understanding of airfield joins. When complete, the app presents the user with a final score and awards either a pass (hopefully!) or fail.

  • Pilot Notepad - a notepad facility, which allows the user to add any free-hand drawing or notes you want to the circuit diagram.

  • Night Mode - provides a  dynamic user interface that is alters significantly to protect night vision vision in low light conditions.

Caution: Aviation may be hazardous to your wealth...​