The ApproNAVIGATOR suite of aviation tools comprises a beautiful and powerful set of apps that help general aviation pilots to safely plan their approach, join and landing at any UK airfield. Specifically designed for the latest versions of Apple iOS, both ApproBASE and ApproNAV provide pilots with a slick user interface, which uses a bright colour palette to deliver an easily distinguishable display. Pilots get the information they have planned for their approach, join and landing at a glance on both the iPhone and iPad.


ApproNAV is our feature-rich joins application for General Aviation pilots. This app is an extremely powerful tool helping pilots of any experience level to thoroughly prepare for their VFR approaches, joins and landings at any UK airfield. ApproNAV is available for use on iPad. You can find more information here



If you push the stick forward the houses get bigger, if you pull the stick back they get smaller...​ 

feature matrix  appronavigator Suite

ApproBASE is our entry level application from the ApproNAVIGATOR suite of aviation apps specifically designed for the General Aviation Pilot. This app is simple and easy to use and ideally suited pilots of all experience levels. You can find more information here 

ApproNAVIGATOR is currently available in two versions, ApproBASE and ApproNAV. Both apps were deliberately designed to compliment each other and cater for different use cases and levels of experience. The matrix below highlights the main differences between the apps.

  • ApproBASE is our fast, slick in-flight option which allows pilots to quickly enter the bare minimum data required to create a join overview.  This version is highly intuitive, quick and easy to use on the iPhone and iPad. More information about ApproBASE can be found here.

  • ApproNAV is our feature-rich version of ApproNAVIGATOR and is ideally suited for flight instructors, student-pilots and GA pilots who require a more comprehensive range of featuresThe feature matrix below shows the additional features delivered in ApproNAV compared to ApproBASE. More information about ApproNAV can be found here.