There's nothing like an airport for bringing you down to earth...​ 

ApproBASE is our entry level application from the ApproNAVIGATOR suite of aviation apps specifically designed for the General Aviation Pilot.  ApproBASE is a powerful aviation tool that helps pilots to safely plan their approach, join and landing at any airfield. The app provides pilots with a slick, fast and reliable experience that is easy to use on the ground during pre-flight planning - no more join drawings on scraps of paper! 

  • Stunning Interface - Designed for and developed using Apple's stunning new iOS interface has allowed the AviationLOGIC team to build ApproBASE with an exceptionally clear and simple interface. The bright colour palette provides pilots with an easily distinguishable display giving them the information they need in a fast, clear and reliable way.

  • Intuitive Input System - Features an intuitive, rules-based data input system making it easy for pilots to enter their desired approach, circuit and join details prior to their flight. The input design also enables quick in-flight changes to the join overview if circumstances change. The app's rules engine ensure that the pilot is presented only with relevant information helping to promote good airmanship.

  • Clear Animations - Enables pilots to create incredibly clear illustrations of his/ her preferred join. Dynamically generated animations show information relating to the pilot's desired approach path, runway, circuit, join and join track. The animated red arrow aircraft symbol follows the join path and circuit legs through to landing, providing pilots with the heading information they need to safely plan a generic join for any UK Airfield.

  • Circuit Orientation - Automatically orientates the circuit diagram to North, helping pilots plan their join into the circuit more easily.

  • Valuable Safety Check -  The app provides a quick and easy way for pilots to cross-check their decision for a planned join type, join point, join track, circuit direction and circuit leg headings.

  • Device Support - ApproBASE supports iPhone (4 and above), iPad (2 and above) and iPad Mini and is licensed for a pilot's unlimited private use on any number of devices.