There's nothing like an airport for bringing you down to earth...​ 


our Apps

Our apps are designed by pilots for pilots and they share some common characteristics - they are born out of need, they are easy to use and they are thoroughly tested for unparalleled reliability. ApproNAVIGATOR is our flagship product and our first app in a suite of apps specifically designed for the aviation community. In order to keep our products relevant, we invite you to share your ideas with us and together we can improve safety and flying experiences for all pilots.

AviationLOGIC is made up from a small team of pilots from diverse backgrounds. The team shares a passion for flying and our aim is to help make flying safer and more fun for every pilot out there. We joined forces to develop a comprehensive suite of innovative and creative mobile apps specifically designed for pilots.  We hope you enjoy using the apps and we encourage you to recommend them to our fellow aviators.  Happy landings to all.


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